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Here are some testimonial E-mails about New York Image Consultant we have received from our makeover, wedding, and personal shopping clients. If you would like to speak with any of them, please contact our office at 212-879-5790.

Fashion Makeover Testimonials
Amanda is simply amazing. I have worked with Amanda for several years. Our first meeting was very comfortable and excited to see what I would learn. Amanda puts you at ease, she listens and she makes you look and feel your best. Amanda has helped me understand what works best for me and it has saved me money since I have the knowledge of what I wear well and don’t spend money on items I won’t wear. We have worked together to choose a work appropriate wardrobe, wedding/formal outfits, vacation/resort outfits which travel with ease and fit into one suitcase…a magic act to witness. Amanda pays attention to detail, she treats each client as an individual with individual needs & style concerns. When you are finished with your consult with Amanda, you walk away looking and feeling your best. Amanda is professional, honest, gifted and she listens to her clients. I highly recommend Amanda Sanders.


Thank you so much for providing Vicky with an amazing experience yesterday. Both she and her friend Debra were very impressed with your talent and that of your stylist. My wife looks at least 10 years younger and is walking on cloud nine. You made my Christmas gift to her one that she will never forget. If you ever need any new references for you web site please let me send a more detailed appreciation. Thanks again.

Ron Drisdelle

I don’t think there has been a day that has gone by that I wore the clothes you picked out for me that I have not received a compliment, plus I have noticed people making eye contact and their eyes go from head to toe. This is all very new for me. I have been wearing at least 1 to 2 of the new items every day since we met either socially, to the office, or to university, and I have been complimented every day on at least one occasion. It’s pretty amazing. People around campus pass me and say hi! I blame the Lanvin sneakers, how cool and gorgeous are they, and I think they take at least 10 years off me and make me more accessible to younger people (which I love) because I do want to make friends at school, and the people there are very creative and friendly (my kind of people), and it’s great to have people 20 years younger say hi to me in such a friendly manner (I don’t see the generation gap and it seems the new clothes have closed that even further which is great).

Went to a networking function at a very stylish club last week and wore the Gucci sport coat and people were looking at frequently during the evening. whichever direction I looked I felt vibes.

Michael Charters
Sydney, Australia

Amanda I had a great afternoon with you yesterday! You absolutely exceeded my expectations and made the experience fun and exciting for a guy that didn’t really enjoy shopping. I learned a lot and really appreciate the time you took to answer my questions as simple and silly they might have seemed. I know I can be trying at times. Anthony was great too! I can tell this will be the start of a great partnership for all of us.

I picked up the book that you recommended, last night, and I am excited to work my way through it as well. A little more basic knowledge of fashion and style should help me be more infinitely more productive interacting with you.

Rusty C

WOW! The reaction back home was pretty amazing. I’m a bit shocked at some of the reactions I received upon returning back to my daily life. Or, more correctly, the reactions my wife received. On Sunday we were at an event with a lot of friends and a number of women came up to my wife to comment on how I looked.

The result is that my wife is counting the days until she can make her way to New York and spend time with you. She can’t believe the difference.

So, to put it succinctly, the time with you at Barney’s was very well spent.

Thank you!

Anthony Perou, Real Estate Broker

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know what an impact this makeover has had on my career.  Who would have thought that our CEO (who notices nothing), would make such a big fuss over what a great change this was for me.  It is two months since I have had it done and he just mentioned to my boss this past week what a difference he sees in me.  Let’s face it — Elizabeth’s brain hasn’t changed — but he clearly has the perception that I have changed as a result of this makeover.  It proves my point that I needed to change my image so that I would be taken seriously and not have to prove myself all the time.

Elizabeth Martin, Corporate Turnaround Specialist

Before I met with Amanda Sanders from NY Image, I truly thought my wardrobe was current and hip; after all, for years I had people helping me with my clothes shopping. But as it turns out I was just a bit out of touch. Without making me feel badly about myself, Amanda in a few hours helped me rid my closet of several items that were dispensable and to which I had some illogical attachment, and add just a few new items to my wardrobe which make me feel renewed and more confident. I never imagined I would work with a stylist, but it was a lot of fun and Amanda is terrific.

Michael C. Defense Attorney

I wanted to write you and thank you again for your great work. With the lessons you taught me, I have been shopping on my own and continuing with ongoing personal development and image maintenance. I actually enjoy shopping (in stores, not just online) now and have been managing and perfecting the new look with great success.

And the ultimate test!! Last Friday, I had dinner with my ex (remember, Mr. “You’re too low maintenance; I’ve lost my attraction to you”). He was blown away by the new look! And I’m pleased to report the clothes were ones I’d picked myself following your rules and recommendations. He was thrilled with the outfit, loved my hair (complete with new highlights) and couldn’t stop staring and saying things like, “You look fantastic!” and “This is very different! A good different!”  I won’t be indiscreet or indelicate, but his goodnight kiss suggested that loss of attraction wasn’t a factor anymore!!

And apart from him, the attention from guys has increased, and it wasn’t as if I was hurting before. Thanks again – you’re a wonder woman!!

Dr. Carol Brooke MD
Atlanta, GA

I wanted to thank you for taking the time and meeting with me to help organize my clothes.  I have learned so much in such a short time from you. The clothes not only look better, but they also make me feel more secure with myself.

Paul Patterson, Stockbroker
Alpine, NJ

My session with Amanda Sanders was a gift from a family member. Frankly, I was skeptical. I considered myself very well-dressed already, so it was the sort of thing I never would have splurged on myself. But upon meeting Amanda, I was instantly reassured and intrigued. She had read my questionnaire carefully, understood the style I wanted to achieve, pruned my overflowing closet, and steered me toward smart purchases at great outlets. I love the way I look now! When I wake up in the morning, I know exactly how to create a look, even when that look is casual.

I feel silly admitting it but, here goes: since meeting Amanda Sanders and developing my personal image, my romantic life is so much fuller. Maybe it’s the way I look, maybe it’s simply the confidence I’ve gained. Either way, it is the single best gift I have ever received.

David T. Actor
New York

Thanks for your follow-up a couple of weeks back.  I have enjoyed what I’ve learned from you (and acquired in the way of clothing).  To my relief, the response has not been overt to the point that people who know me are saying “Wow, you don’t look like a slob anymore; what happened to you?!”  The response has been subtle but yet noticeable.  Perfect.  And, as for strangers — that is where I perceive a measurable difference.

Jim Cayne, Pilot
Fairfield, CT

My eyebrows came out fantastic! The man’s a genius and I’m really happy with them. I really love all the clothes I got. I guess Tahari is really a brand for me – I love how the pants fit.

Thank you for a wonderful, successful shopping trip. You are really great at what you do and I feel as though I have learned a lot from you. I’m looking forward to losing more weight so that I can increase my wardrobe even further with more appropriate, well-fitting clothes.

I’m sorry that we didn’t have more time to buy accessories because I feel as though I am lacking in that department. Perhaps there is some way that, in the future, I could come into the city and maybe spend a half a day or so just concentrating on that. Again, thank you so much. This was a real luxury for me and a very successful experience.

Nan Rutter, President of  Dawn Distribution
Commack, NY

Hi Amanda

It’s been several months and I’m still reaping the benefits of the day spent with you. The clothes that we eliminated from my wardrobe have not been missed at all, and it feels good to have cleaned out that unnecessary excess, that will unlikely build up again now that I have a better idea of what works for me.

The advice you gave me on clothing, shoes, glasses, hair, makeup has been invaluable. I now have far fewer clothes and find it much easier to select outfits for whatever the occasion. The hair stylist you referred me to, specialize in curly hair, and does a very nice job with my hair. I’ve been back several times now. I highly recommend her to anyone with curly hair. The makeup artist helped me clean out my makeup and brings it up-to-date with more flattering products and tools. He also did an amazing job on my eyebrows.

Susan L Graphic Designer

I have been *so* pleased with the results.  My entire family was bowled over by my appearance at the wedding.  I’ve lost track of the positive comments I’ve received from coworkers and friends (“you go, girl”, “diva” etc!)  I’ve really tried to dress as we discussed for work everyday as well as out.   My new hair and makeup are great.  I’m feeling more confident shopping for new outfits based on things we discussed.  And I’m wearing heels to work almost every day(!) — I think they take 5 lbs. off instantly! I’m just about to start trying internet dating and think I have new-found confidence in my appearance and attractiveness that’s going to make it much less scary.

Sara Cohen, Entrepreneur
Princeton, NJ

Four hours with you changed my life!  As for my progress, everyone notices the difference.  You were right about everything.  Twenty minutes in the morning, outfits that match, accessories that go, makeup.  It changes one’s whole outlook, and (the aggravating part) it’s really not that difficult.

You’re a good teacher and what you told me was easy to follow, and remarkably consistent.  Also, I could have read ten books about dressing and not have understood them the way you showed me what you were talking about.  There is so much to learn, I had no idea.

I continue to weed out my wardrobe and free myself from the tyranny of ugly, ill-fitting clothes.  My favorite of your rules: capri pants usually don’t look good on short people.  I’ve saved hours that would have otherwise been spent trying on capri pants and pants with decorations at the bottom.  I’ve also decided given my past history of pink abuse, not to try on anything in that color, even if it is the dustiest, duskiest pink in the world.  I’m trying to Just Say No to pink for a while.  I’m wearing blue, green, and brown and the world is a better place for it.

I always felt as if I was the exception to every fashion rule, that clothes don’t and won’t look good on me, that I shouldn’t wear makeup, and I am so appreciative that you were able to show me that is not the case.  I’m hoping the summer will bring enough work to justify hiring you again in the fall to work on my winter wardrobe.  Thank you for everything.  Really!

Becky Rosen, Attorney
Westbury, NY

I have received some feedback on my new look, comments have ranged anywhere from have you lost weight (didn’t know I had to), did I get a raise (I wish), do I have a new girlfriend (no), and this morning one of my colleagues asked me if I had been “queer eyed” (I think this was meant as a compliment but I’m not 100% sure).  So all in all I would say this has been a successful start. THANKS !

Mark Evans, NT architect
Greenwich, CT

The reason I chose to hire an image consultant was that I wasn’t meeting men and at work, I wasn’t getting the promotions I thought I deserved. Frankly, I was feeling passed over in all areas of my life. That had not been the case at other points in my life and I wasn’t willing to believe that in my late forties, I had become invisible. I had, of course, begun to notice lines on my face and have become more vigilant about my diet and exercise. As a petite woman who never really enjoyed shopping, I simply relied on a few brands that I found in department stores. There wasn’t really anything that you could say about my style, mostly because I didn’t have one. My clothes were conservative and ho-hum. My haircut was washed out from improper coloring. My make-up looked so non-existent that even my dermatologist asked if I ever wore any even when I thought I was fully made-up. My posture was lousy and my demeanor intense….certainly not an image to attract men or career opportunities.

I hired Elena to help with my wardrobe and appearance but I found that the real benefit of working with her has been the boost to my self-esteem and subsequently the confidence with which I carry myself. As I’ve told my friends, family and colleagues, I believe that my decision to work with Elena is probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It has certainly made a difference in how I interact with people, and what could be more important?

I must admit that I was nervous to even think of talking about my appearance with someone who might actually tell me the truth! Rather than spending time weeding through a wardrobe that had no potential, Elena went shopping with me and helped put together a wardrobe that is both stylish and a great fit. She provided recommendations for hairdresser, colorist, consultants for eyebrows, skin care and make-up and a cosmetic dentist. I knew that Elena would provide suggestions based on her own sense of style but I was pleasantly surprised that she was able to impart some skills to me so that I know what works for me. I was also very appreciative of the grace and gentleness with which she made recommendations.

I know that this “new me” is working I smile more and people notice me. I’m happier and more relaxed. I never knew that improving my image would have such and impact….I should have done this sooner!

Patricia, VP Financial Services Marketing
New York City

Sometimes you get stuck in a “funk.” The people close to you, friends, relatives, etc., are either too polite or near too you to observe that your “style” needs a radical overhaul. My problem was that I was stuck in a time warp, dressing the same way I did in high school 25 years ago, looking like I just walked out of the L.L. Bean catalogue. A style not very conducive to dealing with demanding New York City Women!

Elena and I first met in a Greek coffee shop. Pretty quickly, I could see that she had her artistic sense of what needed to be done. Upon her first visit to my wardrobe, a sizable percent of my old clothing became a nice parcel for the Salvation Army. We went to some sort of “Sample sale” for Paul Stuart. I didn’t have much of an idea what to do; it didn’t matter. Elena was burrowing in and out, having me try on this and that, forming the foundation of my new wardrobe. I wear everything except the black shoes. I still cannot quite transcend my preppy penny loafers. Nobody’s perfect, I guess.

Another visit to my closet and more clothes went flying. Elena’s assistant wrote down photographed the different clothing and color combinations, which I have posted on my closet door. Then we went to the opticians to buy a new set of glasses. Elena said that she wanted people, i.e., women, to see my green eyes: you have to accentuate the positive.

Finally, the piece de la resistance. Elena wanted me to grow my hair longer, with more wave and bounce. I must confess that at first I did not recognize myself. I noticed suddenly that a lot of women were looking at me on the street (and I do mean a lot). My mother swears that she is eternally grateful. Style is the man!

Richard, Scientist Entrepreneur
New York, NY

You have given me such a practical yet sophisticated education in style.  Now I have the knowledge I need to kick-start my mid-life adventures. I am enjoying my new hair, make-up and clothes. A little bit of style goes a long way and subtle accessorizing is magical. The real difference is in my renewed confidence. I am proud of my curvy size 8 body and it shows. Because of your advice, I have more confidence and that confidence glows from within. People sense it and “it” is attractive. Being a married woman, it is sort of strange to have men whistle at me but, it now happens almost every day. Really. What is special about what you provide is your strong sense of style coupled with sincerity, gentleness and heart: like a loving big sister willing to share all her fashion and beauty secrets. You have excellent taste and you practice what you preach. You really ought to have a daily TV show. Lots of women, of all ages and walks of life need mentors like you.

My love and admiration,

Lisa Garcia Jacobson, Human Resource Executive
Tampa, FL

I have been working with Elena to improve my wardrobe and overall appearance. She quickly developed an amazing insight into my personal style and needs for business and social settings. Elena is enthusiastic about her work, making the process exciting and fun. Her ability to find new uses for items in my existing wardrobe exceeded my expectations. In shopping for new pieces, Elena saved time and money by knowing where to find exactly what was needed. She taught me to select ensembles that are either classic or contemporary, easy to mix-and-match and versatile from day to evening. Elena knows how to complete the look with hairstyling and other cosmetic touches. The information and skills Elena provided have increased my confidence, saving time each time I dress. These improvements have caused colleagues and strangers to ask where I shop for clothes, and friends to compliment my more youthful look and style. I am sure Elena will do the same for you.

Daniel, Physician Hospital Chairman
Boston, MA

I didn’t wear gym clothes shopping, but instead, wore black pants, duster, suede checked purse, with a light purple thinly ribbed silk sweater that I forgot I had, with a few pieces of sparkly jewelry that were sitting unworn. I was stopped on the street by a very well dressed,  6′ 2″ ish, 40-ish, handsome, educated man, who seemed extremely sweet, asked me out, told me I was adorable, and said he would call.

So, it was either the outfit, or some sort of confidence from feeling put together, but I now see some of the merits of actually getting dressed when I leave the house. At any rate, I thought I would share that little story with you. Thank you!

BTW, I found pointy (VERY pointy for me) black suede boots at Bloomingdales. They zip but are very leg hugging. But not like yours…  I’ll keep looking, but the suede non-zip boots, everywhere, had HIDEOUS tassels, stitching, embroidery, and other doodads ruining them. I also found black and brown suede (maybe not quite as pointy as you suggested — tip diameter is 1″) high and thinly healed pumps at Aldo, that I think I can get a lot of use out of.

Lastly, I noticed that the way I am looking at clothing displays has changed. I feel like I know enough-or at least am more confident, to be able to pay attention and process what I see–shiny silk under suede, dusters over slim pants (Banana Republic), etc., and can learn from that too. You are an expert at what you do and provide exactly what you market yourself as being able to do. So, it is rather easy for me to want to let others know. I’ll speak to you soon about setting up something for next month. So, again, I really did find your consultations helpful.

Dr. Marie Long, Physician
New York, NY

Dear Elena,

After trying other personal shoppers, four hours with you changed my life! As for my progress, everyone notices the difference. You were right about everything. Twenty minutes in the morning, outfits that match, accessories that go, makeup. It changes one’s whole outlook, and (the aggravating part), its really not that difficult. ”

Carol Jones

Hi Amanda,

I just wanted to thank you for spending the day with me back in December. I will never use any other personal shoppers service again you’re the best! I can’t even count the number of compliments I’ve received since my “makeover” with you in NY. The biggest impact has been the high heels.I can’t believe I’ve only been wearing flats all these years. I’ve bought several other pairs since our shopping trip, and wear them to work almost every day now. The skirts have been a big change too and many people have complimented the “whole new look” I have. I’m very happy with the new hairstyle. The best part is not only that it looks much better than the old one, but that it’s much easier to style. So thanks again for your help!!

Dawn Henry

Wedding Makeover Testimonials

After initially working with me on a wardrobe and image transformation (with knockout positive results at work and in dating), Amanda was then able to work efficiently and cost-effectively with me, my fiance and my mother in helping us prepare our wardrobes for our wedding. My fiance and I decided on a summer wedding to be held in his home town in Germany; it would be a small ceremony with our families only. A few months later in the fall, we planned to hold a larger reception for friends, additional familiy members and co-workers in our New York City where we live. The ceremony was held in a beautiful medeival church; the summer reception was an intimate dinner in an old castle. The fall reception was to be held in a downtown New York venue. With the first event taking place over the summer and the second event taking place in the fall, we had to consider the needs for different wardrobes at both events.

After initially making an appointment to go to one of the traditional wedding dress houses in New York City, Amanda was actually able to find me two stunning dresses, one more appropriate for the summer wedding and another suitable for the fall reception, off the rack at Bloomingdales – and to top it off they were on sale. Her previous introduction to hair and makeup stylists also came in handy as those professionals helped me prepare for my wedding as well. Amanda joined me and my husband at Bloomingdales to find his suit as well, and we were able to customize that for the two events simply by changing the tie and accessories. Additionally after many strong recommendations from me, my mom decided also to work with Amanda for our wedding events, and they found her not only two dresses for the two events but also several outfits she could bring on her trip to Germany to meet her daughter’s future in-laws.

Amanda’s amazing talent and intelligence not only helped us to look great; it minimized stress as the events approached because we did not have to worry about finalizing our wardrobes in addition to planning these once-in-a-lifetime events.

Anonymous NYC Architect

When I first sought the help of New York Image Consultant, I had recently broken up with my boyfriend and was a mess. I was in need of a total makeover, as well a serious confidence booster. With Amanda Sanders’ guidance, I got a completely new look, as well as a completely new outlook on life… and two years later, I was engaged to be married!

With not a clue in the world about wedding gowns, etc., I again turned to Amanda at NYIC for her style wisdom, and she was worth every penny. Amanda held my hand through the whole process: she helped me pick out my dress, the bridesmaids dresses, my jewelry and hair style. She even helped with the floral selection. Amanda made me look and feel like a princess on my wedding day!

Andrea L.

Planning my wedding was probably one of the most daunting tasks of my life, and picking out the right gown for my shape and coloring was downright impossible. That is, until I hooked up with Amanda at New York Image. Amanda got a real feel for what I was looking for, and within a day or so, we found the ideal dress, veil and shoes for me. Amanda was instrumental in styling my mom as well, and she even managed to get us both a discount! After we got the dress out of the way, Amanda took me to her hair and makeup stylist to figure out what would look best. She truly took the worry out of the most important day of my life… thanks Amanda!

Beth Y.

I first met with Amanda Sanders when my parents gave me a session with her as a Christmas gift. I had been out of college for a couple of years and my wardrobe mostly consisted of baggy sweatshirts and khaki pants. Amanda met with me and helped me find clothes that showed off my curvy figure as well as helped me find a personal style that was young, hip and true to myself. So, when my boyfriend of 10 years proposed to me and I had to find a wedding dress, I knew I had to call Amanda to help me. We spent a day looking around NYC for the perfect dress. I ended up going with a custom designer dress and Amanda was there every step of the way from the fitting of the muslin mock-up of the dress to the fittings of the dress itself to finding the appropriate undergarments, shoes and accessories to wear with the dress. I will always be grateful to Amanda for helping me find the wedding dress of my dreams as well as helping me find my own personal style. I now live in LA and my family and friends come to me for fashion advice! Thanks Amanda! :)

Elizabeth Lewis, Actress
Los Angeles, CA

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