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Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours does it take to create a new image?

It all depends on the client as everyone’s needs are different. If you are well organized and are going to do most of the shopping legwork and setting up your own appointments, then the average makeover will usually take between 3-8 hours. A makeover can be broken down into two sessions.

I live out of town. How can we work together?

Since we are in Manhattan, New York, many out of town clients visit us for the weekend, bringing their wardrobe with them. You can make it a vacation, seeing a Broadway show or visiting our many museums. Before your arrival, we work together through the Internet to go over your hair, makeup, and clothing needs so that we can schedule all our appointments in advance.

For clients that can’t travel to New York, we also offer a virtual makeover service through the use of the Internet and video chatting. This cheaper alternative is a great choice as you are able to work with our image stylists from anywhere in the world.

Do you go shopping with your clients?

Yes; we shop with many of our clients, taking them to stores that will match the style and image we are working to create. We find that a combination of personal shopping together with online shopping saves time. The benefits of online shopping are that you can cover a lot of area in a short amount of time. Afterwards, you can print the pictures and go to your local stores, looking for the same or similar items that we have selected.

How do you work with a hairdresser?

We speak directly with the hairdresser, giving detailed instructions about the style and color we have chosen for you. You will have several photo options to show the hairdresser so that nothing is left to chance. If at the of the makeover, your hairstyle happens to be short hair and we decide it needs to be longer, we will also select hairstyles to get you through the awkward in-between stages.

Is there a “look” you tend to go for?

No. Our image consultants have an open-minded approach that allows us to identify and maximize your strengths. The look we create is unique and appropriate for your personality, lifestyle and goals. A male client looking to climb the corporate ladder at IBM will want to portray a different image than an executive in the entertainment field.

How many clients have you had?

We have many, somewhere in the hundreds and are always growing.

Who is your typical client?

There is no typical client. We have worked with males and females ages 18-80, in all career fields and levels including doctors, executives, entertainers, scientists, single mothers, and students.

Do you have any picture books or something of the sort to give me some idea of what your tastes are?

We do not keep a book, only the Extreme Makeover Photos you see on our web site. Everyone we work with at New York Image Consultant is unique and one person’s image will never be the same as another’s. Also, our clients prefer confidentiality.

Ready to redefine your style? Let’s get started!

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