NYIC Makeovers for Women – A Transformation You’ll Fall in Love With

At New York Image Consultant we give you a complete, improved and original look from head to toe in accordance with your own personality and lifestyle. As image consultants specializing in makeovers for women, we know exactly how to transform your look and style in the shortest period of time and in the most noticeable ways.

Women look to the fashion world for guidance, but all they get are mixed messages. New York Image Consultant will help you analyze your appearance and wardrobe by cutting through the confusion, saving time and money. Whether you need simple style direction or an extreme female makeover, you have reached your destination. The information you acquire will create a lifelong understanding of how to use style to add to your personal power. When we are done with beauty makeover, you will look and feel like the goddess you truly are.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Fashion Makeover

female makeover

Have you looked in your closet and thought, “I have all these clothes, and nothing to wear”? Have you found yourself putting something on only to take it off again a few minutes later? Do you keep going back to the same outfits?

Many clothing purchases turn out to be a big mistake; most articles are worn only once or twice. Some of the items purchased months, even years ago, still have the price tags on them. During our time together you will learn which colors and styles work for you, we will create the foundation for a stylish and versatile wardrobe, and we will turn shopping into a fun and purposeful experience.

Personal Hair Styling

female makeover personal hair stylist

Tried all different haircuts to alter your look with no success? Does your hair color look dull or unnatural?

Most hairdressers look at you as a head of hair, not a whole person. They don’t cut your hair in proportion with your body or take into consideration your personality, career and lifestyle. We leave nothing to chance by showing several photo options and giving detailed instructions to your hairdresser.

Beauty & Fashion Makeup

beauty makeover fashion makeup

Been to the department store to have your makeup done for free only to spend a fortune on makeup? Do you have makeup you never end up using?

Most department store makeup artists will sell you the newest products, even if they aren’t right for you. Applying the correct makeup properly can take years off your appearance. Working with your existing makeup and simplifying the process with just a few tricks is usually all it takes.

Cosmetic Procedures

women's makeover cosmetic procedures

Do you look in the mirror and see a tired, older you? Does it reflect the person inside? Have you always wanted to look into cosmetic procedures, but didn’t know where to begin?

Mistakes are costly and sometimes irreversible. Learn about the newest and safest laser treatments, injectables for wrinkles, and surgical procedures. We will sift through the options and choose the right ones for you.

Fitness & Nutrition

fitness nutrition for female makeover

Tried every fad diet and fitness program? Has your weight been an obstacle to achieving your goals?

The key to a good fitness and diet program is staying motivated and tailoring a program for your body type. After discussing and studying your eating habits, we will find an easy and realistic solution you can live with and develop it into a  fitness program you will enjoy following.

New York Image Consultant Services Help You with the Following:

Knowing what not to wear and when

  • Evaluating your personality and lifestyle
  • How to dress in various social situations
  • Stylish dressing for leisure activities
  • Analyzing your careers and business situations
  • How to cross over and adjust your wardrobe management accordingly

Developing a winning fashion wardrobe

  • How to regain control of your closet daily and effectively
  • Which pieces to hold onto and which ones to discard
  • Devising great looks that “won’t break the bank”
  • Focusing on “investigation pieces” that provide fashionable fun for the “long run”
  • Mixing and matching colors for maximum impact
  • Expanding and building a wardrobe with fewer pieces

Choosing the right hairstyle and color

  • Finding and working with hair products
  • Selecting an appropriate color and hairstyle
  • Choosing the right hairdresser
  • Setting up a hair maintenance program
  • Learning how to use a blow dryer effectively
  • Alternative hairstyles for special occasions

Identifying and minimizing figure flaws

  • How to play down your problem areas by maximizing your strengths
  • Which rules to disregard so you can look your best
  • Achieving high style in spite of figure flaws
  • Why color makes or breaks an outfit
  • Creating balance in an outfit
  • When certain fashion rules should be broken

Evaluating accessory choices

  • How to alter the personality of an outfit with: jewelry, scarves, belts, handbags, shoes, and hats
  • Accessorizing adequately to bring last year’s look into this year
  • Expanding your wardrobe with only a few accessories
  • Letting accessories take you from day into evening
  • The do’s and don’ts of accessorizing and how to care for your accessories

Selecting undergarments and lingerie

  • How to correctly choose a bra for your body type
  • The appropriate undergarment for specific outfits
  • What types of lingerie is best for you
  • Choosing stylish panty-hose with the right texture and color

Using makeup as an enhancement tool

  • Beauty makeup starts with good skin care
  • Makeup in 5 minutes or less
  • Choosing colors that don’t clash with your hair or clothing
  • The proper eyebrow shape and corrective measures
  • Enhancing your best facial features
  • Minimizing tricks for physical facial flaws
  • Fashion makeup for special occasions
  • Perfume and fragrances

Mastering the art and science of shopping

  • What type of store caters to your needs
  • Which brands are designed for you
  • A clothing list for each season
  • When a sale is not a sale
  • How to comparison shop
  • Learning about fashion through magazines
  • Advantages and disadvantages of various fabrics
  • Distinctive stamps of workmanship

Understanding attitude and improving self-image

  • How your image makeover can bring out self-confidence
  • Identifying your best qualities and creating a signature image style
  • What your body language is saying about you
  • Understanding why feelings affect the way you look
  • Why attitude can change an outfit
  • How to make yourself feel and look better while you are dressing

Constructing a diet and fitness program

  • Discussing and studying your eating habits
  • Developing a fitness and nutrition program that you will enjoy
  • Finding easy solutions you can live with
  • Setting realistic goals

Learning about new cosmetic procedures

  • Cosmetic enhancement procedure options and costs
  • Reviewing all cosmetic surgery procedures including dentistry
  • Laser hair removal to eyebrow tattooing
  • How to select the right procedure and doctor
  • Lunch time treatment versus surgery

Ready to redefine your style? Let’s get started!

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