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Advertise with New York Image Consultant!

Our Audience
Be a part of New York Image Consultant’s exclusive e-mail list of 5000 subscribers. They are highly educated, affluent men and women who understand the importance of image. Many of our clients visit the Web site for guidance on the latest must-haves in fashion, accessories and beauty products on a weekly basis.
*Unique visitors per month 7,000


New York Image Consultants Subscribers Are:

  • Loyal – 5000 exclusive clients that read our monthly newsletter
  • Consistent – 75% of our clients seek and use our services for more than one season
  • Shoppers – 90% of our clients buy brands and products recommended by us
  • Satisfied – 95% of our clients refer us to friends and family
  • 65% are female and 35% are male
  • 62% are over the age of 35 and an average age of 38
  • 97% are college grads or hold graduate degrees
  • The median household income of our clients is $200k +
18-28 18%
25-45 45%
45-60 37%

Median Age 37
Education %
College Grad. 95%
Post-College 30%
Marital Status %
Single 33%
Partnered 30%
Married 37%

*Provided by Google Analytics

Advertise with New York Image Consultants
The Secret is Out!

New York Image Consultant began with an exclusive client base and has grown in recent years due to various national media and press appearances and referrals by our many satisfied clients. Ecstatic about the results of our services, our clients rely on our web site and use it as a means of keeping up with the latest products, services, trends and ideas. According to feedback from our clients, has proven to be a convenient way for them to access to our extensive knowledge of all things style and luxury!

Just send us your product. If chosen for the “Best of Amanda and Elena Picks of the Month,” your product and link will be posted on the site and includedin the monthly newsletter.

What is NYIC’s Best Of : Amanda’s Pick of the Month
“Best Of” is an informative listing for exclusive shops, services, promotions and special offers selectively chosen by the editors of These deals are short-term, making them all the more desirable. This feature is e-mailed to subscribers and posted on for visitors who have not yet subscribed.

Benefits of Advertising with NYIC:
  • Uncluttered and exclusive target audience
  • Rich media capabilities – flash banner, video
  • Brand positioning within editorial (if approved)
  • Additional exposure on the New York Image Consultant Web site when appropriate


This is when we send a exclusive email to our client base featuring your service.

Email newsletter
approx size of email 625 x800
50 words of copy
Redirect url with corresponding discount code or offer

These ads are displayed on pages that relate directly to the product you are selling
example: hair salon banner will be placed on pages discussing hair

Sponsored Links are ad units next to or below editorial content and are a distinctive way sure to catch our readers’ attention. They are written by NewYorkImageConsultant editors. Subscribers rely on links for the latest scoop from their favorite brands and products.

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Client Testimonials

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know what an impact this makeover has had on my career. Who would have thought that our CEO (who notices nothing), would make such a big fuss over what a great change this was for me. It is two months since I have had it done and he just mentioned to my boss this past week what a difference he sees in me. Let’s face it — Elizabeth’s brain hasn’t changed — but he clearly has the perception that I have changed as a result of this makeover. It proves my point that I needed to change my image so that I would be taken seriously and not have to prove myself all the time.

Elizabeth Martin, Corporate Turnaround Specialist, OH

I wanted to thank you for taking the time and meeting with me to help organize my clothes. I have learned so much in such a short time from you. The clothes not only look better, but they also make me feel more secure with myself.

Paul Patterson, Stockbroker Alpine, NJ

Thanks for your follow-up a couple of weeks back. I have enjoyed what I’ve learned from you (and acquired in the way of clothing). To my relief, the response has not been overt to the point that people who know me are saying “Wow, you don’t look like a slob anymore; what happened to you?!” The response has been subtle but yet noticeable. Perfect. And, as for strangers — that is where I perceive a measurable difference.

Jim Cayne, Pilot Fairfield, CT

Lastly, I noticed that the way I am looking at clothing displays has changed. I feel like I know enough-or at least am more confident, to be able to pay attention and process what I see… and can learn from that too. You are an expert at what you do and provide exactly what you market yourself as being able to do. So, it is rather easy for me to want to let others know. I’ll speak to you soon about setting up something for next month. So, again, I really did find your consultations helpful.

Dr. Marie Long, Physician New York, NY