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Video Clips

Amanda Sanders joins the New York Ladies for a Sixth Season!

Amanda Sanders’ Styling Tips for the Ladies

Amanda Sanders on Bravo’s Love Broker

AskMen – How to Get a Sense of Fashion

AskMen – Wearing the Proper Fitted Jeans

AskMen – 3 Tips for a Better Look

AskMen – 4 Fashion Mistakes Men Make

60 Minutes – Looking for love in all the wrong places? Elena Castaneda and Janis Spindel save the day

Celebrity Justice Television – What is Elena Castaneda’s take on Martha Stewart’s controversial courtroom appearance?

UPN 9 – What really happens when you wear those risque outfits in the workplace? What not to wear to work…

UPN 9 – Want to look like a million without spending a million? A makeover on the budget is the boost you need!

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