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The Next Hot Teen Star!

American Idol fans are buzzing that the show has already spawned America’s new teen dream: David Archuleta. So what’s so special about the 17-year-old Utah native? Read on.

HE’S TALENTED: “His rendition of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ is the second-best vocal ever on the show,” says Billboard’s Fred Bronson. “In a different era, he would already have a recording contract.”

HE’S RELATABLE: “His appeal is all-American and wholesome,” says New York Image Consultants’ Amanda Sanders.

HE’S SCANDAL-FREE: “David fills a spot where there’s a void,” says Bronson. “He has innocence and humility.”

HE’S FAN CLUB-READY: First came Clay Aiken’s Claymates, then Taylor Hicks’ Soul Patrol. Archuleta’s groupie moniker? The Arch Angels.