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Get Glam with Our Online Virtual Makeover

Live out of state? Well, you are in luck as we now offer online virtual makeover services via video upload and live video chat. That’s right; in addition to making you over with photos from your wardrobe, we are giving all our tech-savvy clients the luxury of virtual vogue! After scheduling your appointment with us, you will be able to choose from the following virtual makeover options:

1. Prerecorded Video Virtual Makeover

You would send us a brief video of your closet and wardrobe. Record and post a video to and send us the link to it. Our wardrobe consultant asks that you model at least ten clothing and accessories looks in your featured video so that we can analyze them further. Please describe the fit and fabric of each piece, as well as the material of each accessory. If you are not sure how to film your video, check out our how-to video, courtesy of our style expert, Amanda Sanders. You should then e-mail the video along with your completed nine-page questionnaire, although you can fax or mail your questionnaire over if you prefer. New York Image Consultant will then follow up with a scheduled telephone image consultation.

2. E-Mail & Telephone Image Consultation

online virtual makeover

You would begin by sending us your completed nine-page questionnaire via e-mail, fax, or mail along with at least ten current photos of you and your wardrobe. In addition, you can collect at least ten clothing, hairstyle, and makeup images that appeal to you so that our personal stylist can use them as learning tools for your virtual fashion makeover. You can refer to this example of the photo file that we want you to create for us. Once received, we will go forward with our scheduled phone consultation.

3. Live Video Chat Style Makeover

online makeover

You will be able to connect live! With simple video chat capability, you will enjoy an up-to-the-minute image consultation with our personal stylist, Amanda Sanders. Simply e-mail, fax, or mail us your completed nine-page questionnaire along with at least ten images of hairstyles, clothing, makeup, and grooming that appeal to you before your scheduled appointment so that she can prepare for your consultation. In addition, you should organize at least ten wardrobe and accessories pieces from your closet before the interactive online makeover session so that everything is ready to go. Our fashion consultant will then conduct our scheduled image consultation by live video chat.

New York Image Consultant virtual style consultations are generally two hours long and consist of our image consultant, Amanda Sanders, reviewing your fashion and beauty, wardrobe, grooming, and accessory choices while discussing your style and image objectives. If you prefer, our image expert can follow up with you by creating a personalized file of Internet links to beauty, grooming, makeup, fashion, hairstyling, accessory and other resources so that you can continue in completing your new look.

Ready to redefine your style? Let’s get started!

Have any questions? Call us at 212-879-5790 or contact us online.