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New York Image Consultant — Offers Accessible Chic with a Savvy Touch

With the increasing influence of TV’s ‘What Not to Wear’ on popular culture, Companies like NYIC offer similar services for ordinary viewers who are in need of a ” Makeover”.

New York, NY (PRWEB)) May 6, 2010 — Once limited to the rich and the famous, personal styling has been introduced to the mainstream due to the skyrocketing popularity of TLC’s What Not to Wear In witnessing ordinary people receive style advice from trained fashion stylist; many have opted to use the expertise of image consultants for their own fashion dilemmas. As a result, New York Image Consultant has stepped up as the premier source of style for those who need assistance in what to wear in their daily lives. 

What Not To Wear Makeover Being one of the top image consulting firms in the business, New York Image Consultant has prided itself in providing successful makeovers to their clients for years. From providing tips on how to dress for every occasion to advising on what not to wear, their expert team of stylists have fashioned their service for viewers of What Not to Wear model to make their service accessible to the average person. In turn, more and more people are flocking to the firm for fashion advice to apply to their everyday lives. 

Before What Not to Wear TV show came on, many people thought that getting a makeover was a luxury just for the rich and famous, CEO, Elena Castaneda, reflects. 

“Before What Not to Wear TV show came on, many people thought that getting a makeover was a luxury just for the rich and famous, CEO, Elena Castaneda, reflects. “That was a big reason why I decided to launch New York Image Consultant – so that more people would be able to realize their full fashion potential through a makeover.” With the instant popularity of What Not to Wear on TLC, more people were scheduling appointments with NYIC’s personal stylist, Amanda Sanders. From there, the firm was able to present their accessibility of everything chic to the masses. 

In turn, New York Image Consultant plans on providing its increasing clientele with the style tools that have made What Not to Wear a runaway success. By giving each client a makeover and personal shopper services they aim to build a vital fashion resource that will incorporate the learning tools on how to dress. It is that incentive that will guarantee the lasting success of this image consulting firm. 

Give Her A Makeover With NYIC’S “Shop Your Closet” Package!

With Fall around the corner, New York Image Consultant seeks to bring fabulous fashion to women at a fantastic bargain.

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 4, 2009 — As the current recession continues to take hold of the economy, shopping for the Fall can become very taxing. Bearing this in mind, New York Image Consultant created a “Shop Your Closet” Style Consultation gift certificate for those who want to treat the most important woman in their life with a fresh fashion start without spending a great deal of time and money. For a few hours and $500, clients will be taught how to make the most of their existing wardrobe while giving her a style makeover.

One of the foremost image consulting firms in the business, New York Image Consultant has always prided itself on assisting its clientele with their style issues. From advising people on how to dress for success to helping them figure out what not to wear, they have garnered rave reviews for their image makeover expertise. Keeping up with these recent times, they decided to create a “Shop Your Closet” style consultation package to help people improve their personal image and current style.

Supplying clients with a closet prep list to take advantage of their “Shop Your Closet” experience, premier fashion stylist, Amanda Sanders, provides her with a half-hour initial consultation at their home or hotel to assess their style in relation to their personality. Also contributing beauty consultations and grooming tips, she discards old and unbecoming clothing, makeup, and personal care products while focusing on turning over a new personal image leaf. Ms. Sanders will then instruct her clients on how to create new looks with existing wardrobe pieces and pinning them up for updated alterations by a tailor. The result is featured in a personalized style makeover photo album for the client while setting unwanted items aside to be donated to a thrift store or consignment shop in exchange for a tax write-off for the gift giver. The “Shop Your Closet” experience concludes with Ms. Sanders advising the client on the minor purchases that will need to be made to improve the client’s look this Spring through a half-hour long online shopping spree. The lasting effects ofNew York Image Consultant‘s extreme makeover services definitely outweigh the $500 price tag.

With the “Shop Your Closet” gift certificate, New York Image Consultant assists the frugal frugalista with the fabulous fashion tools that would serve as a great investment in her future. This cost-effective package is typically valued at $800. A magnificent Mother’s Day concept for cultivating her personal appearance, it often provides both professional and personal opportunities. In essence, looking like a million dollars without breaking the bank.

New York Image Consultant Reveals One of Hollywood’s Biggest Red-Carpet Secrets

New York City’s top image consultant reveals one of Hollywood’s biggest red-carpet secrets: Celebrities wear replica jewelry in order to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 15, 2007 — Julie Gilhart, the fashion director of Barney’s, was quoted in the New York Times saying she thinks women are more influenced today by party pictures of celebrities than by editorial spreads of models. “It’s the People magazine-Us Weekly syndrome,” she said. So who is setting the fashion trends, mega stars on the red carpet in People Magazine or super models in Vogue? 

New York Image Consultant (, President Elena Castaneda says, “10 years ago there was no celebrity style. They dressed themselves and they looked awful. It was a very ticky tacky style”. When the stars became more fashionable, the famous designers realized the power of the celebrity style influence and started using the stars as walking advertisement. People want to know what the celebrities are wearing. With awards season now in full swing, all eyes are yet again focused and zoomed in on celebrities to find the newest fashion trends and styles. 

It isn’t news that the big name stars are given free jewelry from major fashion designers for big events such as the Grammy’s or the Oscars. But one of the biggest myths is that the stars actually get to keep jewels once the event is over. The truth is, 90% of the time the designers are just lending the jewels for free advertisement. According to Elena Castaneda, it all started with Harry Winston at the 1943 Oscars. Actress Jennifer Jones was up for a Best Actress nomination for her role in ‘The Song of Bernadette’. Harry Winston lent the actress gorgeous diamond jewels and she ended up winning. She thought the jewelry was a good luck charm and the rest is history. 

But what do the stars do when the designers aren’t clamoring to get their jewels on them? Elena says “There are so many different looks, styles, and trends, to appear fashionable; it’s difficult to afford and to keep updated, especially when it comes to jewelry trends. It’s all in the way things are punctuated. It’s all in the details.” She also says that one of the biggest secrets in Hollywood is that stars wear replica jewelry. Instead of real diamonds, real silver, real gold, they wear quality cubic zirconium, sterling silver and gold vermeil; see the Celebrity Style page. 

So if even the Hollywood stars can’t afford the real deal, where does the fashion forward public go to find their trendy Hollywood replicas? Elena says “My favorite source for quality replica jewelry is It’s one of the world’s best kept secrets. is a great resource for my clients! They are the best place on the web to get the celebrity look for affordable prices. They even have their own celebrity blog now!” (